Get electrified by RiMO’s range of electric karts. You will surely find your favourite kart among our electric vehicles. Each kart is equipped with 2 x 2.8 kW engines (maximum output of up to 23 kW, ≙31 hp) featuring a rated output of 40, 60 or 100 Ah. The cycle resistance of the LiFeMnPO4 batteries guaranteed by RiMO and the integrated fleet management are just two of the advantages offered by the market-tested SiNUS series.

To operate electric karts, special charging technology is required!


RiMO puts emphasis on ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY. Separating all raw materials and paying particular attention to the sustainability of RiMO developments are important to us.

1500 operating hours guaranteed
Only RiMO GERMANY guarantees a minimum durability of the LiFeMnPO4 batteries of 1500 operating hours or 9000 charging cycles. Discover it yourself.